Georgia Care Inc. is a nonprofit organization interested in providing each high school athlete with resources and programs needed to promote them to athletic and academic success. We prepare our athletes by offering them tours at a variety of colleges throughout the country to create as much exposure to the athletes as possible, as well as, give them motivational tools to set goals for their college future. These college tours include visiting several college campuses, meeting coaches, participating in team meetings, performing drills, and getting to sleep in dorms while enjoying a glimpse of college student life.

It is imperative that students understand that the academic achievement is as important as their athletic performance. The better their academic accomplishments are, the more opportunities may be offered. Most colleges require a minimum of 2.5 GPA or higher and qualifying testing scores. We encourage all athletes to take the SAT and ACT as early as possible to have a baseline score to see where they need to improve to meet the NCAA eligibility requirements. All athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at eligibilitycenter.org. As we prepare for our 5th Annual 2019 College tour, we would like to encourage your athlete to participate in these tours. The tours are intended to showcase their talents, expose them to college life, and inspire students to want to excel on the field, as well as in the classroom.

We will have one tour. The tour has exposure to approximately 8 colleges. The tour will begin at a date tba in June for one week. Within that time, your athlete will be exposed to a combination of academic and athletic experiences such as sports camps, shadowing other student athletes, and dorm living. As a result of this exposure, we are hoping your child will focus on working towards his/her future goals by maintaining high grades in high school and excelling in his/her chosen sport in order to be offered better scholarship opportunities. During the last 3 years, 47% of the Georgia Care Inc. students have accepted scholarship offers to a variety of different colleges across the country. It is our objective to help as many student athletes get to college with the best offers possible. Please register for the tour by May 1, 2019, to ensure your athlete a seat on the tour. The cost of the tour is $600 per athlete, which includes lodging, transportation, camp fees and meals. Don’t miss out. This is an experience of a lifetime.


One meaningful way to donate to Georgia Care Inc is in remembrance of a loved one

Coach Bill White

Broward County Schools Teacher and Coach

1970 to 2005

To honor the memory of coach Bill White, his family has asked that donations be made to Georgia Care Inc. Coach White, of wrestling and football fame at Deerfield Beach High School, was loved and respected by students and fellow teachers and coaches.

In 1985 Coach White led his Bucks wrestling team to a state championship. Many of his individual wrestlers also won state championships throughout the years. 1985 also brought him the honor of "Coach of the Year" for the state of Florida in all sports. He left Deerfield and retired from formal coaching to go to Coral Springs High School in 1985 where he continued to teach graphic arts and influence many at risk students.

Coach White would cherish the opportunity to help a deserving student athlete receive a college scholarship in order to continue to excel in his or her sport and further his or her education.


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BIO (picture coming) DeVon Georgia is a native of Broward County, graduating from South Broward High School in 1994 and attending Michigan State University. While a South Broward Bulldog he earned all-state honors in football and all-county recognition on the basketball court. Georgia was a Super 11 Player twice and all-state player as well. Familiar with the area he returned to the Bulldogs to be Head Football Coach in 2015. Georgia grew up minutes from the South Broward campus and still keeps relationships with parents and athletes. Now, he continues to help athletes and give back to the community through his Georgia Care Inc. Foundation.
Georgia Care Inc. is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping male and female athletes of all sports receive college scholarships.
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